Water makes up over 65% of our body mass and must be continually renewed.

Water is essential for the digestive system, circulatory system, and nervous system to function.

Water is necessary for joints and connective tissues, providing optimal energy levels, transporting nutrients to (and waste from) every cell in our busy bodies.

Drinking additional water is tremendously valuable for sensible (and healthy) weight loss and for adding lean muscle mass.

Impure water can clog the body's filters and cause illness, whereas purified water makes it easier to stay healthy and get well.

If you are not absolutely satisfied with your water, you owe it to yourself to investigate our product line!

  • Water Softeners
  • Drinking Water Systems
  • Whole House Treatment Systems
  • Water Neutralizers
  • Ultraviolet Lights
  • Chlorinators
  • Reverse Osmosis

Complete Installation Services

• We install all products that we sell.

Repair/Service Work

• We service all brands of water filtration equipment... not just what we sell. If you have any equipment that needs maintenance, repair, or replacement... contact us today. We appreciate your business and value every customer.

Water Softeners

• Bring softened water into your home and you’ll see and feel the difference right away—from no more staining, soap scum or scaling on fixtures to softer towels and skin. We offer a comprehensive selection of water softeners with a wide variety of features to fit any budget.

Drinking Water Systems

• Provide your family with an unlimited supply of high-quality drinking water right from the tap. From improving the taste of your water to filtering out chemicals, metals or bacteria, we have a system to help you enjoy your water again.

Whole House Specialty Treatment Systems

• A number of factors can affect your water and, in turn, your home. Our specialty water treatment systems can eliminate rust or blue-green staining, cloudy water and other water problems. Contact us today and one of our employees will be glad to run out and test your home water for sulphur, acid, low Ph, iron and many other issues that plague our drinking, cooking, and bathing water.